Contact your local water authority.  LMA (724) 537-3378 – MAWC (724) 755-5800 – Youngstown (724) 539-8854.

On-call staff AFTER normal business hours (724) 989-4289 or (724) 989-6634.

You can mail your payment, pay on-line on our website, or pay in person at UTMA or at any Commercial Bank.

You can install a permenant deduct meter or rent one to have a reduction on your sewage bill. Please contact our office for more details.

The Pleasant Unity extended aeration plant was originally constructed during 1979 to 1980; the original 0.500 MGD plant was designed by Westmoreland Engineers.  During 1996-1997 the Pleasant Unity WWTP was expanded to 0.950 MGD.  The expanded / upgraded facility was designed by Gibson-Thomas Engineers.  In 2007 the 14 Mile Run WWTP was completed which replaced an existing 0.200 MDG facility and provides sanitary sewage to 300 additional customers and eliminated 3 pump stations which conveyed approximately .150 MGD to the Pleasant Unity Treatment Plant.